Budapest, the city of butterflies that wear swimming hats (backlogged post 3/3)

May 22, 2014

Budapest, the city of Goulash and Paprika. Budapest, the city whose two halves (Buda and Pest) are separated by the Danube river. Budapest, the city in which you are lost if you don’t speak Hungarian. Continue reading


Bicycle riding in Vienna (backlogged post 2/3)

May 19, 2014

The departure from Zurich was a lot less dramatic than that of the previous day from Interlaken. My stomach feeling slightly soothed after a restful night, it agreed to welcome some leftover boiled rice for breakfast without protest (this diet was happily followed throughout the day). I needed strength to perform the routine futile rush to the train station. I was reassured to confirm that the direct train to Vienna I had planned on taking was not full and therefore I could embark with no fear of being kicked out. Continue reading

Cap d’es Falcó, not a small hike

Another one of my favourite places, which is a lot closer to home than Atlantis, is Cap de’s Falcó, the Southern tip of the island of Ibiza. The name comes from the shape of the cliff, which looks like a falcon’s head. I was very upset when, not too long after my arrival, I set off to do the climb I love and was stopped by a sign that said “access prohibited due to fauna protection until June 30”. Well, today is July 2nd, and I was very happy to ignore the sign because it no longer applied. Continue reading

La Plaza del Terror – Tenerife, it’s so great to see you!

I wasn’t sure I had enough time to rest before I took off to Tenerife, and it was hard when the alarm rang at 6 am. But as soon as I landed at Los Rodeos Airport, all doubts lifted: I was grinning like a goof. The volcanic and green mountains, the sea of clouds, the multicoloured houses all around, the palm trees… They all brought such dear memories I was happy to be landing, seeing, and just be there. And that’s it. I could go back.


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